More often than not, most people have different preferences and we try our best to provide options for YOU to choose from! Here is something to briefly explain about the variants we offer.

Exclusive / Exclusive Variants (Including Definitive Edition)
Exclusive & Exclusive Variants usually have more functions & additional parts. These versions come with an authentication card, a product number and can only be purchased directly from our website and not elsewhere.

Standard Edition
Just like the exclusive/exclusive variants standard editions come with an authentication card and product number. They tend to have fewer parts or functions. Standard versions can be bought from our website or from third-party sellers.

Collector's Edition
These versions are not limited. This means that they do not come with an authentication card or product number. Collector's edition can be purchased from our website or from third-party sellers.

All versions with the exception of collector's edition are limited. This means that we will stop production once the edition size is met.