What if My Item Arrives Damaged?

In rare instance, an item may have a defect or be damaged during shipment. Don't worry, though--we have you covered with our 30 Day warranty policy! 

Please open and inspect your item within 30 days of receiving it. If the item has been delivered faulty or damaged in any way, please contact us immediately by logging into your account, then scroll down and click on "MY TICKETS" from the menu. 

From this screen, you will be given the option to "Open A New Ticket". Click that button to begin your ticket.

On the "New Ticket" screen, please fill in all of the fields so that we have the necessary information to assess your case. Choose the order number of the damaged product from the "OrderID" drop-down menu, and choose "Damage/Claims" as the Category. Please make your description of the damage as complete as possible in the "Description" field.

On receipt of your ticket, we will contact you to assess the nature of the problem. We will ask you to take photographs/video of the damage and send them to us. We can only deal with damaged items that are reported to us within 30 days of receipt.

If your shipment arrived via local post service please immediately report breakages to your local post office so they can create a case for our follow up. This must be done within 3 working days.

The timestamp of your claim will be based on the date we receive a photo/video of your authentication card beside the damaged product. Please do not throw away any damaged items or parts as we will be unable to deal with your claim without supporting evidence. 

We manufacture spare parts and assemblies for each item and reserve the right to send replacement parts or alternatively replace the entire item at our sole discretion. 

We are not responsible for any damage or defects to items bought from a third party. Any issues of this nature should be directed to the supplying party. 

If you opt for a refund or if no replacements are available, we will offer a refund up to but not exceeding the price of the item (excluding shipping costs). 

It is the customer's responsibility to destroy the damaged item and provide video evidence of its destruction if a refund or replacement is offered. Once we receive this evidence we will ship the replacement or process a refund.

Please note that packages provide the statue an extra layer and are meant to protect the product. We will NOT be replacing any damaged packages.

RESIN STATUE PAINT VARIATIONS: Our resin statues are handmade and hand-finished. As a result, each piece will have small paint variations, including small blemishes. This is part of owning a unique collectible. Please contact customer service if you feel your statue deviates from an acceptable tolerance. Our team will review your case and come back with options should they deem it deviates from our standard tolerance level.