1. Sign in to your First 4 Figures website account and select "ADDRESS BOOK".

Click CHANGE BILLING ADDRESS or CHANGE SHIPPING ADDRESS depending on your preference.

The purpose of ADD NEW ADDRESS is to provide customers more than one address to choose from in their account.

2. Fill in the required fields and click SAVE ADDRESS and you're done.

Amending your address will only be applied to future orders you submit UNLESS you click the box beside UPDATE ALL YOUR ORDER ADDRESSES before you hit SAVE ADDRESS. Doing so will also change the address of your outstanding orders.

If you wish to change the shipping country you must contact customer service. This must be done within 3 days AFTER the final payment notification email is sent (REFERENCE). Please note that the change to your existing orders is one time only and if you return to change the address again the system will only update your address for future orders. 

If you want to change or update the shipping address of an order awaiting replacement, please update us through the existing ticket you created for the replacement claim.