Q: “What are statue numbers?”

Statue numbers are unique identifiers within a limited product line to ensure there are no duplicates. Statue numbers along with the authentication code allow the statue owner to authenticate the product at our website.

Q: “What statue number will I receive with my order?”

Statue numbers will be assigned randomly for all orders, with one exception.

Q: “What is this exception?”

It is possible for you to carry over your statue number to future statues within a product lineup if the following criteria are met:

  • Only if it is indicated on the product description page. We encourage and emphasize reading the product description so as not to miss out.
  • You own and have authenticated the latest statue to release in the product lineup. Your statue number will continue to carry over for as long as you continue to purchase (During Preorder) and authenticate all the statues that release within your desired product lineup.
  • If you do not purchase the next release in the product lineup within the allotted time (wait-listed orders are not eligible for the statue number retention system), you forfeit your right to that particular statue number and it will be passed on to someone else.

For more information on how to authenticate, check out our article on Authentication.

Q: “What about the statue numbers for Companion Pieces?”

You need to have purchased and authenticated the main statue preceding the Companion Piece for it to have a number. Otherwise, your Companion Piece will come unnumbered.