You earn F4F Reward Points by purchasing any of our products through our website. Every 100 F4F Reward Points you have is equal to 1.00 USD off the purchase you apply your reward points to. To help you determine how many points you earn for each purchase you make, check out this article.

To spend your F4F Reward Points, simply add an item to your shopping cart and adjust the slider located under "SPEND YOUR POINTS" on the right-hand side of your shopping cart page. You may also just check the "Maximize my discount with points" box to use the maximum amount of points possible on your order.

F4F Rewards Points do not expire, so you can save up and use them to purchase an entire statue or use them freely in small amounts on every order you place!

Please note that you cannot spend your F4F Reward Points to pay for shipping fees.

You can view your current Reward Points balance and loyalty level by visiting the Reward Points section of your account on the website. This section will also show you how many points you have pending and a history of recently earned points.