Even after pre-orders have closed and the edition size of a product has been finalized, you still may join a wait list for the possibility of being able to purchase your desired product. Sometimes other customers will want to cancel their order for whatever reason, in which case their order will be offered to someone on the wait list.

For any product marked as "WAIT LIST" on its product page (as shown in the image above), you may click the "Add to Cart" button.

On your shopping cart screen, it will prompt you that the item is currently unavailable and that you will be added to its wait list. Proceed to checkout to be added to the wait list. At this stage, you will only be charged the initial deposit upon checkout.

Are wait list orders guaranteed?

Wait list orders are not guaranteed. We highly recommend joining the wait list of your desired product at the soonest possible time because your chances of converting are higher. You may find out what position you are in on your region's wait list by contacting our Customer Service.

We will automatically convert a wait listed order to a live one should an item become available, and you will receive an email notifying you that your wait list order successfully converted. For more information on how to add a payment plan to wait list orders than converted, check out this article.

If we are unable to fulfill your wait list order, you will receive a cancellation notice email (as shown in the image above), and you will be issued a refund on your initial deposit. Any F4F Reward Points used will also be refunded and discount codes used will be reactivated.