Authentication is the process of ensuring that what you have in your possession is a genuine First 4 Figures product through an online form on our website. By doing so, we can match your Authentication Card number with our system database to make sure that your product is, indeed, original.

Also, each product that we produce is limited in quantity based on the number of orders we receive, and its total sum is known as the product's edition size. Each statue is individually numbered to denote its "place" within the edition size. Authenticating allows you to secure a statue number to match across all your statues within the same product lineup. Check out our statue number article for more information.

How do I authenticate my statue?

Once you've received your product, authenticate it by logging into your customer account and choosing "AUTHENTICATION" in the left-hand menu.

Select the product you wish to authenticate from the drop-down menu. The Product Number is the statue number of your item, which we mentioned earlier. This can be found at the bottom of your product's base or on the packaging. The Authentication Code, on the other hand, is the number printed on the Authentication Card that comes with your item.

If you do not purchase the next release in the product lineup within the allotted time (wait listed orders are not eligible for the statue number retention system), you forfeit your right to that particular statue number and is passed on to someone else.